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The Yogi Guide


Please plan to arrive 10 minutes before class. This will allow you time to check in, remove your shoes, place your items where you prefer, and find a comfortable spot for your mat in the studio.


We do have mats available, however, we also recommend continued guests to purchase a mat to bring to class. Especially if you are choosing to participate in our hot classes for better stability.  


Please remove your shoes before entering the yoga studio and place them in one of the designated shoe areas. Yoga is practiced barefoot!


Savasana is the most important part of your practice and leaving the class during this time is distracting to the other students. Please take this time to be present with yourself.


There is non-metered parking on the E. Main Street in front of the building the block before and the block after. Additionally, there is approximately 20  parking spots behind the building, as well as a parking garage.