Hey hey! Welcome home....

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We get it, many of us are mega impacted by our environment, and so that's why it has been SO important to us that we make a space that feels like home when you walk in the door. With a motto of "a place for grace" and the constant reminder to just "bee-you" and "everyone's welcome" right smack dab on our store front, it's a reminder that we want you to feel as comfortable and welcome as you can. We want you to feel like you can be yourself, love yourself, embrace community, and feel supported by like-minded people. So make yourself at home! Stay a while. Grab a fresh-pressed juice with your girlfriends from the cafe, spend some time detoxing in the sauna, or schedule yourself a post-yoga massage. You WON'T regret it. You have a safe haven now. A place to go, and grow your soul. 


PSSS... Take a peek inside 


Where ya at?


The Yoga Garden & Bee-You Café are located inside of the same building.

Our address is:
39 West Main Street
Uniontown, PA 15401

For Yoga & Coffee, enter through the Main Street entrance.

For Massage & Facial Appointments, enter through the South Street entrance.

Learn where to park below!



Parking in Uniontown

That little yellow box with the Asterisk... that's what you're looking for!

1 - W. South Street (The best place to park if you hate parallel parking! And there's always a spot! Free 2-Hour Parking)
2 - W. Main Street (Closest to the front of the builidng. Free 2-Hour Street Parking)
3 - W. Peter Street (Usually a spot. Follow the arrow to the breezeway shortcut to Main Street! Free 2-Hour Street Parking)
4 - Uniontown Parking Garage




Time: Plan to arrive 10 minute early!

Shoes: We practice barefoot.

Mats: We've got 'em!

Savasana: Please be respectful of others and remain in class during final relaxation.

Sauna: Call ahead.

Mindbody: The App that allows you to sign into class in advance!