Kids at TYG!

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I think if most of us are honest with ourselves, we could probably admit that we are bringing our little ones up in a "hurry up" type of world. It's almost ingrained in our subconscious to do-do-do, and cram as much of this doing in as quickly as possible. This is a hard habit to break, but, we can make a difference in our future generation by giving them the tools, resources, and knowledge necessary to make better choices, than we may have, or are currently. 

Thus, the significance of kids yoga. 

From a very early age we can begin by teaching concepts of stillness, mindfulness, and body awareness. As well as motor skills such as cross body actions, sounds, and compassion, instead of opposition. 


As they come into preschool- early elementary years we begin expand on self-health, relaxation, and inner fulfillment, so that they can navigate life's challenges with a little more ease. 

Our kids yoga class is taught with a monthly theme which gives the children an opportunity to learn, through repetition, and build confidence in the poses, and the ideas that are presented. Each month is centered around interactive animal and nature inspired poses and season-specific themes. In addition to breath work and poses, we use storytelling, songs, games, and language. We also incorporate discussion of nutrition, anatomy, ecology, interdependence and kindness. Our mission is to create a classroom environment that teaches the intrinsic principles of wellness, self respect, respect for others, and respect for our world.

For Kids Yoga we do recommend ages 4-11, but please know that these are recommended ages, not required ages. If you would like to bring siblings together on the same day, or your child falls out of the window, but you feel comfortable with them attending, then by all means, all children are welcome. 

Uniontown Kids Yoga Web-1.jpg

Our Schedule:

45 minute classes with Claire:

Saturday at 10am Mommy & Me (ages 2-6) 

Saturday at 11am Kid's Yoga (ages 3+) 

As always, please check the mindbody app for changes in the schedule.

Our Instructors

Caitlin Livingston, founder of TYG, obtained her Masters Degree in Education and Curriculum and is a certified 200 RYT Yoga Instructor. She is the Mommy to three, ages 5-14 and fell in love with working with children when she met her step sons Kolby & Krew. She has since worked with children doing exotic animal shows, as well as substitute teaching at Laurel Highlands School District. She currently teaches children yoga TYG and at AG Montessori School. 

Claire Gates obtained her Masters in Elemetary Education and is currently a first grade teacher at Nutter Fort Primary in Clarksburg WV. Claire particularly loves seeing how children evolve and learn in ways unique to themselves. She has created a classroom environment that promotes healthy self choice, and movement that is respectful to the varying learning styles.  She has since furthered her training by completing Kidding Around Yoga Training and implements these practices in her classroom by doing yoga and meditation, daily, to both start their day, and refocus after recess. 

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