Class Descriptions

Join Us for Yoga Classes in Uniontown, PA


Yoga Basics

A great place to start! Ideal for both those new to yoga as well as the experienced yogi, in this class you will learn the fundamentals of a yoga practice with an emphasis on understanding an alignment that is best for your body.


All-levels Ashtanga

Linking breath and movement fluidly, Ashtanga cultivates balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance through Sun Salutations, standing, and seated postures. This modified Primary series is perfect for those looking to see a progress in their bodies through consistent practice.


Flow & Yin

The yin and the yang of yoga, all rolled into one dynamic class. A progressional build-up of flowing postures to warm up the joints complimented with a yin style stretching cool-down to gain flexibility. This class type is best for all yogis.


Slow Flow

Rooted in Hatha philosophy and practice, Slow Flow is a gentle yet powerful practice focused on holding poses while integrating breath. Excellent for both beginners and long-time practitioners, join us to move, stretch, decompress, and reduce stress.


Morning Glow

Ideal for practitioners of all levels. This is a great way to start your day! Increase your range of motion and elasticity in the tendons and connective tissue to help prevent injury in everyday life or during your favorite athletic activity.


Power Yoga

A sequence of flowing postures creating for the yangsters. If you're looking for a challenging class that will build internal body heat through static holds and strength building postures, then this is the class for you! Come prepared to sweat. 


Power Yoga Basics

This class is great for beginners and long-time yoga practitioners alike.  Learn the basics of power yoga through a slower-paced flow to build strength, move with intention, and increase your body overall awareness.  


Gentle Yoga

The perfect class for those who prefer a softer, more nurturing, and slow-paced practice to relax the body and the mind.


Hatha Vinyassa

A flowing practice that will build a strong foundation both physically and energetically so that your poses become light, full of ease, and contain more power. This class includes slightly longer holds and pranayama practice.



SO Many Choices! We Know! 

Not sure what the best fit for you is? Shoot us an email and we would be happy to help point you in the right direction. And, rest assured, that no matter what class you choose, our teachers are always prepared to teach to all levels and are mindful to provide modifications to suite everyone's physical needs.