We’re more than just a Yoga Studio…

Nestled in the heart of downtown Uniontown, 39 West Main Street is home to yoga, massage, facial and sauna services, and Bee-You Cafe. Everything you need to treat yourself, all wrapped up under one roof.

“This is the most beautiful studio I have ever been in. It's like if anthropologie made a yoga studio. And, the staff is just as impressive; knowledgeable and welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed my practice here.” - Paige


Our Team

Our instructors are authentically driven to help you on your path of self-inquiry, self-discovery, and finding your own inner strength. Teaching yoga as an experience - our goal is to spread as much knowledge inside of the classroom as possible, so that it slowly permeates into all aspects of life. 

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Bee-You Café is a dynamic space to house the mind, body, and soul. Nestled in the cozy storefront of 39 West Main Street, this little nook is created with you in mind. Serving coffee, juice, and smoothies you'll love, you will be encouraged to order what makes your soul happy; stay for a while or grab and go. Together, we will build our community, our hive, our sacred space.


Our Mission

We are more than just a safe space to practice yoga; we are a place for grace, compassion, and community. Learn more about what makes us, US through our mission statement and search our site to find ways you can help the community and bring up others through small contributions. 

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Massage & Wellness

There are so many ways that we can take care of the Mind, Body, and Soul and through each of these we experience a different kind of renewal. Utilizing one of our many services, you may be able to offer yourself just what you need on the inner most level.